Workshop- Monoprint

I wanted to try monoprint for long time, but in the studio it’s almost always busy, so I went to this workshop hosted by east london printmaker.

Host by: Ann Norfield and Fiona Fouhy


This is my result, very quick. Very “material" and painterly.  We used seaweed, plastic wrap, feather, and combination of teared paper to create the shape. Not sure is it suitable to create tangible image, it might look like abstract painting. (it’s pretty rush, so I did not do a good job, however, it’s good to experience though.  )

Aritst Helen Clark from artichoke studio
Aritst Helen Clark from artichoke studio
Monotype by my peer: Sam Heath

Some works that base on tangible object, such as flowers and the self image from a mirror…

2019 - 29

Fiona Fouhy shows how she create a scene of forest by simple steps by using smaller rollers. By using one plate, go through the press multiple times to create layers.

2019 - 34

It is an interesting approach. I was thinking maybe I could apply it to my current work, but I am not sure now, it seems like the ink dry quickly. I probably still prefer engaging more time on my works.


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