Term 6-Week1 & work in artichoke

I have working on this lithography for a month in Artichoke

It is based on one of my photograph from phone, it’s a shopping window that you can see the displaying and my reflection. (My reflection is not very obvious)60949341_2031533800481615_2283354989948567552_n

Was thinking maybe I can put each layer with different stencil. Howevr, I think it is going to be quite complicated.

Like what I did for previous work, I choice ink for lithography. I really the watery texture on the stone. For the first etching, I etched light and dark area with acid of different strength. Later on, I started to use the same but strong acid for second, third etch. It went wrong again, and everything is darken again. Colin used lot’s of acid to bring it back, that’s how I spent whole month working on this.

Colin(Artichoke owner) told me, ink on lithography is more unstable. Therefore, if I want to do something as complicated as this, I should use chalk.

Although I fail on doing lithograph and waste/spent lot’s of time on it, I still quite like it, and might use it in the future, for I really in move by Munch’s lithography works. I would like to do something as moving as his works.



This is the version I have not put grey photolithography layer on it



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