Term6-Week2- work process and group crit

Return to do etching plate.

  1. etching by stages, to see if it is in the right dept.


2 photoetching, trying metalic paper


Right is heavy weight matalic paper. I am also thinking to use silver leaves on paper. Brain showed me Paul Morrison’s work who use gold leaves. However, I think it might be difficult to combine gold leaves with photoetching for its shallow dept.


Having group crit this week. I was surprise that Jo and Leona seems happy with my drawings because I thought they suggested not display too many stuff. I am also happy that I can at least display some drawing, so my godfather won’t say this is not art.LOL

When I looked at Tanaka’s work, the long roller, I was thinking if there’s a machanical setting, can allow the rolloer rolls like musical box, that will be cool. I felt I can feel the music from her works.



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