Exhibition-selected MA show by Atkinson Gallery

I and Kay were selected by Jo and Atkinson gallery for their MA show in Febuary. It was great chance to see what other MA students are doing.

IMG_1798 copy

The work I got selected is this photopolymer print. Because of this exhibition, I framed it. To be honest, I am not sure about this frame, and they forgot to cut the mat into circular.

I never learn photographer professionally, and I am not sure how to represent it in a most suitable way.


This is Kay’s print on hand-made paper. She has series of works that print from some cardboard. It is abstract with abundant texture on it. The way she framed it made it looks a bit like some sort of archeological object in museum. I probably prefer it looks more like a standing sculpture, which she showed in the group crit before, by making her paper thicker.


Our peer from Last year, Christian Soukias

It’s a combination of etching and screen print. A combination of basketball board and some classical painting. In his paper, he did the research of uncanny. It says “The works explore and manipulate imagery that often produces an “uncanny’ sensation upon the viewer as well as to ask how this aesthetic can be re-thought and remade for a contemporary audience"

Atkinson Gallery

MA & Other Postgraduates Exhibition

25 February -23 March 2019



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