Helen Chadwick

She is one of the artist that Jo recommended me to look at. I borrowed this book from the library: Helen Chadwick, Essays by Mark Sladen.

One of her main work: the Oval Court, using photogram to present mythological bodies. I don’t know yet what is my work ‘s connection with her, but indeed it is a beautiful and impressive work.

P.10 marina Warner: “When she recasts Narcissus’s pool, in work such as The Oval Court, she is looking through herself to search out something on the other site. “img_1744

P13. Chadwick:" right from early on in art school, I wanted to use the body to create a set of inter-relationships with the audience.

What will I use to create inter-relationship with the audience?

P15. While the object, places and poses which feature in the sculpture had autobiographical resonance for the artist, the overall impression of the work is not confessional, and Chadwick’s decision not to show her face in any of the photographs emphasizes the work’s universal.

P16. Throughout her career, Chadwick used form of collage and juxtaposition-overlapping, fragmented and reconstituted images – to disrupt the representation of the subject and to demonstrate the inter penetration of the self and the world.

An artist I found recently has similiar attemp: Rosie Emerson, whom I found in an art fair.




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