Term 6-Week1 & work in artichoke

I have working on this lithography for a month in Artichoke

It is based on one of my photograph from phone, it’s a shopping window that you can see the displaying and my reflection. (My reflection is not very obvious)60949341_2031533800481615_2283354989948567552_n

Was thinking maybe I can put each layer with different stencil. Howevr, I think it is going to be quite complicated.

Like what I did for previous work, I choice ink for lithography. I really the watery texture on the stone. For the first etching, I etched light and dark area with acid of different strength. Later on, I started to use the same but strong acid for second, third etch. It went wrong again, and everything is darken again. Colin used lot’s of acid to bring it back, that’s how I spent whole month working on this.

Colin(Artichoke owner) told me, ink on lithography is more unstable. Therefore, if I want to do something as complicated as this, I should use chalk.

Although I fail on doing lithograph and waste/spent lot’s of time on it, I still quite like it, and might use it in the future, for I really in move by Munch’s lithography works. I would like to do something as moving as his works.



This is the version I have not put grey photolithography layer on it

Workshop- Monoprint

I wanted to try monoprint for long time, but in the studio it’s almost always busy, so I went to this workshop hosted by east london printmaker.

Host by: Ann Norfield and Fiona Fouhy


This is my result, very quick. Very “material" and painterly.  We used seaweed, plastic wrap, feather, and combination of teared paper to create the shape. Not sure is it suitable to create tangible image, it might look like abstract painting. (it’s pretty rush, so I did not do a good job, however, it’s good to experience though.  )

Aritst Helen Clark from artichoke studio
Aritst Helen Clark from artichoke studio
Monotype by my peer: Sam Heath

Some works that base on tangible object, such as flowers and the self image from a mirror…

2019 - 29

Fiona Fouhy shows how she create a scene of forest by simple steps by using smaller rollers. By using one plate, go through the press multiple times to create layers.

2019 - 34

It is an interesting approach. I was thinking maybe I could apply it to my current work, but I am not sure now, it seems like the ink dry quickly. I probably still prefer engaging more time on my works.


Went to a free workshop host by Kathy Anne Lim, her works is mainly photography. Here are some of my experience…


I am not sure why and what my idea is, just curious how it looks when it packed with people… For my photograph is always quiet.



more and more stairs



this is what I did in the workshop. The theme are mars and society…

She recommended a good book: post photography

Exhibition- Diane Arbus, Kader Attia

Diane Arbus,

Hayward Gallery

The people she had photo taken are the keys, nude camp, circus, theater… Sometimes even the people on the street giving wicked feeling under her camera. Exept “A Box of Ten Photographes", which is circular format, others are similiar small size. I quite like how they display the photos. One pillar has one photo in one side and one in the opposite, it makes the photos more like individual event.




one of the photo from “A box of ten photographs"

Another artist in the exhibition " Kader Attia: The Museum of Emotion

He documented transgender workers that gain his international recognition. Probably this is the main reason why he is exhibited with Arbus. They are both interesting in “unusual people"‘s life.

He applies various media: sculpture, photos, documentary film…

IMG_7034I might can go this route, for I always feel inspire when I am feel inspired and more related with unusual people.

IMG_7039A work plays with reflection. The actual object is one male and a female leather shoes. Later, he explores the politics of western museums.

This is my favorite room of his works

especially the projector. He juxtaposition many archive and objects of first world war and from Africa.



It’s interesting to see and compare the real head and the sculpture, the healing process and the fixing process


It reminds me of this Japanese method to fix bowls. The golden scars, very visualize yet beautiful.


term5-week4-A phenomenology of whiteness

Lithography-finally done the drawing part, did two drop of acid.



Reading Group- A phenomenology of Whiteness

We read the essey about white people, it’s bit hard for me to understand most of it, but there are something interesting(and it’s one of the few content I can understand, there were five asians student in the group, but today just me, I was the only yellow in this group, there’s no black neither.)

“I want to suggest here that whiteness could be understood as “The behind".White bodies are habitual insofar as they “Trail behind actions: They do not get"stressed"in their encounters with objects or others, as their whiteness’goes unnoticed’. "

I am in a facebook group which theme is right-wing politics, they seem like have issue with femilism, ecological group, they think they are a force to shake the balance of our society, therefore, when I come into this paragraph, then I realize they don’t like this probably because they never have to conquer these problem.

We also watched this talk on TED

Can art amend history?

and my peers talk about Tate, which was build by slaves, and Britain museum, showcase the arts were raven from other countries. There are only few percentage of female artist in our art history, (but it definately changed after..Guerrilla Girls?)

We have same problen in my country. One of our formost president “Chiand Kai-Chek" has temple build in Taiwan, and in our childhood, we are taught that he was a great man. However, now new government is trying to change it, to tell us the truth. Althought he had credit building our country, he also killed many inoccent people, which is always ignore in our history.

we can’t erase the history, but we need to understand the truth.

few question for us to think:

47: I would like to give shape to the “amorphous uncomfortable."

2. We have to change the narrative in our heads that doesn’t acknowledge that “segregation now, degregation tomottow, segregation forever" was part of the ideology that reared us and put in place the institution in which we were taught and in which we teach.


trying more combination with colour and composition.




Morley College Residency talk by Ellen

Framing search

Multi-plates experience

Luberjack installation

Don’t let me me be Lonely- book reading


Morley College Residency talk by Ellen


Ellen shares her experience of residency in Morley College.

How to apply? 8-10 images


Email them>Sent statement and images>10 minutes face to face discussion> How residency benefit yo> Write about research

Her motif: photopolymer, inner outer bodies , women experience, into body with printmaking, new technique and method, chine collee, Blended tone, sharper image by photopolymer, Research precise image into physical print, Long process test aquatint. Her interim show:Understanding photopolymer,Free with her body as well. Tried mono etching, Movement

Conscious self-aware, physical approach, Abstract pieces, Soft ground etching- not get the result

Hint & Tips:

1.get there early to get the space to work.

2.Introduce your self

  1. get to know the technicians and tutors.
  2. make the most of the materials budget.

5.very hot in summer

  1. make the most of printing on Fri or Sat.
  2. keep hands clean. (fine apply)

8.be careful if leaving work in the drying blotters.

9.great opportunity make the most of it.

Friday evening, more like open workshop

1-2 weeks to warm up and get to know people, and to share

Framing Suggest from Jo

Look at Mariko-Mori’s exhibition:


I am also doing some research about framing, I found a company specially do circular framing, it costs about 100 pound to drame it. (Mock up picture)


I also found this in Adward’s exhibition shop. I quite like it make the picture distorted, but I know it’s gonna be very expensive.






I googled and found this american company, they not only did circular, the glass is also convex. It’s very interesting, but it’s $585.00 each which is very disappointed.



Multi-plates experience


Try to overlap myself, regester them by myself. Later, Brain helped me with register. It was success.


However, it ruined after I decided to promply join another black plate.


Don’t let me me be Lonely- book reading

we read this book. It talks a lot about dead, and how the author reacts to it. I have not finish the whole book. :p

Term5-week1- multi photopolymer

The first week, I got the inform that one of my print was selected by Atkinson Gallery’s MA show. For this, I spent almost 150 GBP to frame it, hope it can be ready before they come to pick it up, and I will need to write the statement for it.

I made three photopolymer plates last week, I print them seperately with black and on Thursday, I tried to combine them with colours, and I think it’s a new progress.

The first one I took the selfie with my camera, and it has different quality with others. The second one, I did not apply the ink well, however, Kay said it looks interesting for it has chacoal feature on it. The third one, I used to use this photo to draw, but now I reuse it again, I used photoshop to make the people around me even more twisted.


multi plates. The left one I use CMY, I was going to do the black but was suggested to stop in here. Another plates I tried to use different colour combination, but it does not look much differences.

I also have a chat with Brain. I told him I am not as experimental like others, I don’t feel like try new media such as filming, schulpture… I am basically still very traditional, before I came to Camberwell, I don’t even consider my photograph is good enough to call art. In my mind, I still like drawing.

I did some experimental works back in my college period, I made some installation, made something mix-media, chemical involved stuff. However, my parents asked me do I still need them? all the time. They seems like something oppupied the spaces, pollut the environment, what is the value of them? These experience probably streghten the idea to make “commercial works". I have problem to be experimental, it just difficult for me. However I totally agreed what Jo told me, and I know it will be more difficult to have so much support to my creativity after graduation.










Term4-week5-research presentation

These term is quite exhausting, but I think I learn a lot.


I asked Brain last week, what size the lagest of the photopolymer can we do? I asked just out of curiosity, I have no vivid plan about it. He came out an idea, because he was going to do a big photopolymer plate, he suggested me he can help me to buy one from intaglio, and he can dive the plates to school. He said he will try to etch the photopolymer plate himself, if he success, then I can do it. If not, I can still use that plates, just cut them into two small plates. I thought why not? it’s just need to cost a lot :p

During the weekend, I was thinking about this, and checking my photograph. I came out this idea… I photoshoped my photos together with CMYK, so far there is no K(black) yet, it might be interesting to try these combination. Therefore, I think maybe it’s better to print in the same size. However, Brain encouraged me to print big plate, he said we might need to ask Jo’s opinion about this 4 plates print, he thinks it might be difficult, and because I found out I am tired of Mezzotint, he probably think I might give up because the difficulty….? …. i really don’t know if this will be the right choice.

On thursday, had a very short talk with Jo about this idea.


Thursday was intense day, we had research presentation, exhibition visiting, and later I had a English booked tutorial, had a very short talk with Jo. Afterward I was just too tired to stay in the studio.

Jo asked me if I want to change to colour from black and white? to be honest, I am just curious how it will happen, I have no specificly what “style" it should be. While I was painting portrait in watercolour, I always make it colourful. However, since she asked me about the colour, maybe it really expresses different sensation, even conception.

Jo suggested me, maybe I don’t need to use most of them by plates, I can try to combine digital print and plates. Brain seemed like become extremely busy comparing to last few weeks, therefore it seems like it will really become a complicated project. I thought it can be just like what I do in two plates print, register, just change plates, but seems like maybe I am too innocent.

Research paper presentation

It was really a nightmare for me to do the presentation, I could not really express the whole main point in 10 minutes, however, it was good to listen to other classmates’ share, althought I don’t think I really understand them, I tried to make note of them, but I forgot to save the file, such an idiot I am. Having no idea why some classmates did not participate. I like Ellen’s work, very poetic and sense of darkness, and she also looked at Uncanny as well. Maybe I am the only one who did not know about this before.


Because I am kind of need to wait Brian’s result, I printed my pegion today.


It has been over two months that I did this drawing. I sort of forgot is there ink on it or the pen marks. Anyway, I needed to risk, I used white spirit to wipe out the mark, and then the water. It was right, just very tapid, I printed over 10 times to get it ready for the second etch. I did the second etch until it looked dark enought in the another day, but I noticed that the grey tone is disappeared. It is very risky to do lithograph for me, more risky than making etching plate, I love both of them, and I think I can make good picture of it, but we only have two more term, maybe I should focus on just one media.

Not sure what to continue. I have another photos of dead pegion I took few days ago, it was totally explode. I also want to try to combine it with monotype, but I have not tried it yet.



Term4-week3-tutorial with Jo

sorry I don't know who is the artist

Tutorial with Jo

Jo checked reflective journal, work, and research paper is going on. In group crit I showed everyone my two plates print. About the drawing, I can’t say I am happy with it. I have a feeling that I want to draw something, but I don’t know what. I did some random mark on it, I felt a bit uneasy about it, for I am always plan well what I am going to paint. I always have vision about what I want to paint, but not this time, it really seems like the photograph is strong enough. Maybe I should separate the photo and the drawing, but before it, I think I will keep trying different combination.

Jo suggested me to use black paper, for she thinks the drawing looks like day time, incompatible with the photograph. She showed me one of the formal student’s work: there are house, mountain, and some mysterious stuff- is that garbage in the water? It also remind me the ancient Chinese painting“Along the River During the Qingming Festival”but negative version.

She also says my drawing is narrative, and narrative is actually story. She recommend me to look at “Paula Rego”. The few things I know about her is she is from Portugue, and the etching is inspired by the fairytale, she also made dolls herself and draw them. There is first year student “Liorah Tchiprout” remined me of her.


Trying out the colour and sequence of my two plates print.

I told Jo that I kind of like this effect, Brian said it’s more like monoprint. I always want to try monoprint, but I have not found the time; also, I found out my lithograph dead pigeon is put in the recycle lime stone area, I felt a bit unhappy about it for I have not even print it, maybe there is simply no space. I really need to find time to do it, but now seems like most of time I am doing this two-plate print. Brain helped me a lot for these days not many students are using the studio, I almost feel like it’s one to one.

Research paper

Except spending a bit time on studio, most of the time I am in libraries. It is funny when the deadline is coming, there is more inspiration and efficiency.

Diary of 23 June-Cyanotype workshop

I went to a workshop of cyanotype, and here are the result:


and the host is an artist : Chloe McCarrick, a young photographer.

I knew about cyanotype through this artist : Rosie Emerson

Although they have their own trait, they still have many similarity such as classical feminime image, flowers, collage. Also remind me of Helen Chadwick.

It’s like photogram, but I like this more than it. The first reason is I don’t need a machine to do it, and the cost is less. The Second, it could make a fluid feeling.

Since I have a negative from the Hexio, I think I will try to use this technique to do it 🙂