Term6-Week2- work process and group crit

Return to do etching plate.

  1. etching by stages, to see if it is in the right dept.


2 photoetching, trying metalic paper


Right is heavy weight matalic paper. I am also thinking to use silver leaves on paper. Brain showed me Paul Morrison’s work who use gold leaves. However, I think it might be difficult to combine gold leaves with photoetching for its shallow dept.


Having group crit this week. I was surprise that Jo and Leona seems happy with my drawings because I thought they suggested not display too many stuff. I am also happy that I can at least display some drawing, so my godfather won’t say this is not art.LOL

When I looked at Tanaka’s work, the long roller, I was thinking if there’s a machanical setting, can allow the rolloer rolls like musical box, that will be cool. I felt I can feel the music from her works.

Term5-Week10-Group crit and exhibit idea


We had a group crit

It was exciting to see many peers have great progress of their works. Alice tried new work, where she have some print of smiling faces.


was not sure why they are smiling, maybe it make them more uncanny, for the contrast between smile and black and white. If they are positioned with the words she created before, then it will remind me some communism government try to stop the freedom of conversation and thinking.


Frank’s anime. Not sure what’s the connection between the book and his drawing, but I like the anime overall. Mentioning how to present the work, I think he can tear off all the pages and present them one by one on the wall.

I quite like Ellen’s works. I think she is the most hardworking one among us, she really tries many possibilities. Very David Lynch, I can easily imagine her sculpture appear in his films. Look like some sort of organs.IMG_6468

I am still unhappy my works, but at the same time I don’t feel like I have much impulse to do them. I feel tired, overall, and don’t know why. I can’t feel much about my works.



Term5-week2-group crit

Was not in studio much this week.


Student 1(sorry I forgot to ask):

“Large print, monoprint, roll blue ink and drop white sprit on it, etching some dots on it "

Her work are few pieces A0 paper and each pieces are blue in different volumn. It’s very abstract, blue and marks. For me, it reminds me direcly to the ocean, darker means deeper oceans, and the lighter one is closer to the surface of the sea. There are some crease on it for she had some problem with the press, but it also shows interesting effect, it looks like fault, not like waves but I feel some connection with it, too. She likes it for it looks like suddent stop. The dots made me associate with some creatures or bubbles, or some sort of spirit.

She shared with us how she found out about her expiriment.

She said she would like carry on this kinda style, similir to making these marks. She is interested in the texture, and the marks, and the contrast between the two. Leora suggesed she to explore herself, what feeling does it gives her, why is it interesting.

Jo suggested her to introduce some drawing in it such as intaglio, print a series of drypoint  … It remineds me former peer Beatrice Roggero Fossati’s work, maybe it’s one of the reason why it remind me the ocean direcly.

screenshot 2019-01-20 at 21.30.25

the scale remined me Monet’s show




landscape, film, colour, fragment, photography… now she is working on putting colour on it and which is quite complicated.




screenshot 2019-01-20 at 21.56.00

The prints on aluminum remind me the artist I just read recently. Michelangelo Pistolette’s mirror painting:

Standing Man 1962,1982 by Michelangelo Pistoletto born 1933I was thinking to print my image on mirror before, but it seems like only silk-print can make it.

She does lot’s of experiment in the same photograph, I am thinking maybe she can work on other photographs as well. Leora thinks it does not have to be lanscape. There are many unexpective effect on her experiment which is beautiful.

Leona ask one of classmate why she likes certain print. She said she prefer one to another because another one is more flat. I feel that’s like watercolour and gauche, one has the fluid in it.

She was told not to work on RGB but CMYK, she said but she works on RGB so much to destruct the image. (I have no idea what’s differences when it comes to print on silkprint, I might try RGB on my print"the colour might be dumb" )

Boglarka thinks the unfinish part is interesting, make people like to see what’s be continued…Leora said there’s film term called"implied narrative“.



Sam’s drawing in a british bar.

loneliness of these people, big cities, bar closing down, melancholy, everyday scene.

The Spanish classmate (sorry I don’t know her name too) she likes the drawing than the plates. Boglarka feels the drawing is too light, no much atmosphere in the traditional bar.

He dropped the colour, for he thinks it is the most important part is that he spent time there being and drawing these people, putting colour is more about making image. Jo suggested do monoprint first and drawing on it, and maybe take the plate and do dry point there in the bar?

I am not familiar with bars, for it’s not really my culture, but I always like the atmosphere of british bars, and they always have nice and elegant colour combination in the bars.



She choice the image relation to her memory, the mother, use the scarf of her grandmother’s,  things that remind us the people, places, our childfood, and her daughter. She uses the element of the first painting to do a serial of expiriment. (daughter, mother, the matter on the scarf) I quite like this topic, I have not being a mother myself, but family issue is a topic that worth looking at.

Each print deliver quite different feeling and meaning. This one the mother part is cut off, it might means the mother is absent in the child’s life? The following one I feel it is daughter’s shadow on the floor. I feel it’s emotion in the work. However, in the first glance, the silhouette look like a dark shadow which is covering the child, like nightmare, and the birds on the silk scarf make me associate some sort of optical illusion. Although in the picture the mother is the role of protecting the daughter, I feel that it’s a threaten, dangerous energy toward the kid. (probably I watched too much psychological thriller) Maybe she could try some warmer colour, for black and white printmaking looks easily uncanny.

She is also looking at the reflection in the kitchen. She is trying to do selfie but tried to avoid the camera/phone. Leora thinks it’s converst to recreate marks she found in the already-made mirror(?).



three new photopolymer prints, two 3 plats prints, and one ghost print.

Jo think they all quite different.

Leora said it’s different and important when “I" look at the viewer and when I look at the camera/iphone(I am recordning the viewer), different field, different psychological space.

dark explosure, different filter

and asked me which one is what I want to do? where I am going?

I am now sort of curious what if I take both into my works?

The spanish classmate suggested me to make certain plate bigger so I will be able to fit each “me" together. However, it costs a lot just to make one image and one plate.

Sophia suggested testing in photoshop.

narrative and dreamy, Sam said I am getting that point (from mid point review).

I told that I am doing some drawing of my reflection as well, but when Leora asked me why not just taking photograph, I have totally no idea.

Boglarka feels it’s about time and suggested me to play the reflection on Central line train.

Leora: if you print them it will lost the details that camera have, the camera in my hand will going to be more blurry, do you want camera to be seen? does it matter?

basically I don’t mind.


and use clean soft clothes and some white spirit to clean the edge

need to see how drawing next to these photograph together.

to see how drawings and these photographs put together.

Leora: there’s something quite specious and exciting about the way the space zoom out and comes toward us. I enjoy the colour, but it lose the strange perspective the disappearing into the space, the unerving. try to keep that sense of space. don’t lose it.

The spanish think that colour one like an eye, looking at us.

Jo suggested me to look at how other photographers frame the works."using glass?" get a piece of thick glass, on the top of the picture to make it more depth

Spanish girl:

she did many beautiful cyanotype with plants from her hometown, it’s beautiful but Leona thinks it’s only show the shape of these plants…

Her is interested of her hometown, and Jo and Leora suggested that she can call her mom to take photos of her home.

screenshot 2019-01-21 at 23.35.25

Statement for Atkingson Gallery:

It’s quite difficult for me to write statement (it’s actually difficult to me to write everything in English)

I got two version, the first one was I wrote long time ago, and one of the english tutor said the first one is better. Jo later helped me fuse them together. I think it’s just so difficult, for I make my work by instint, something is just hard to describe by words. I will post the image later when the exhibition is ready.

Pop up show and Crit with Dan part 1

Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 23.24.15

by Zoltan Marfy

How do you deal with the language of it, maybe as it is Bela Tarr  (Thanks Boglarka provide information), it’s aexperienist (again now sure what it is)and Dan mentioned something it’s about slow cinema,

without seeing the film, we don’t have that reference.What is left for people who does not know about this film?

I think I am not familiar with “context". In my language, it translates into the same explanation with “content". I have googled it but while I am making works, I have no idea how to connect it with my practice, I must using it more or less while I do my research paper, but I can’t clearly concious about it : “I am putting this context into this works."

Screenshot 2018-12-24 at 15.49.02

by Boglarka Varga

Material event, collapsion of an image

Dan: How do we deal with stuff of ramdon of this image? what are the key of point of this

The meaning of contract of the ripping, look like a casual photo of everyday scene, has intensify the something more disturbing…

hard to look at the image as one as whole.

Dan: how does it frame your understanding of this work? things are very closed, very traceble, sort of ripping of image content, how do we deal with the whole?

Dan hates the narrative from the artists, it influences how people read the works

we can read the form, the figure (kid), from the leg, but the head is just like a bubbling something, if just the dead area with the ripping, there is no way to understand it’ s a container of a brian, young life or something

I thought it’s a collage

wondering if the colour is carefully painted out, it’s kinda another layer(Dan said it’s a projecting kinda decision making, how is the brush deliberately exercizing the control, sort of care relationship  )

Kay is thinking about ambiguous motherhood, want to protect your child, the difficulty is the burden of the motherhood, it’s hard to have time you want, sort of immitate picture, the conflict that we all have to go through, the psychologically painful.

there ‘s a violence in the work?


Allen: heavy, compact force, the ripping, lot’s of energy going on

internal system

baby pushing, chaos in that, learning how to, shodowing forward,

(exchange the order with the painting)

foundation, the side of the mother, want to have the sense of self,

The artist thinks the colour is feminine, like skin

Dan thinks it’s difficult to see these thing gendered

Screenshot 2018-12-24 at 15.58.41Book art girl

Something very

a piece of paper containing text, the text is about the text on being this paper (?)

very journey exchange

parody? joke on its self?  put on glasses they become 3D, in the text it is told it’s a trick


Screenshot 2018-12-24 at 16.01.04

Boglarka: wondering if the black one is the colour one’s copy version?try to map them out, realise they are different works. like children game.

co-existing kind of puzzle them out.

reading the “sound"…symbol of map…like abstract painting


Left one (black and orage one)

different kind of touch (with Boglarka’s )

document of content,landscape, clue of dark ages

orange, artificial colour, man made colour>instruction

language, mark making, lovely texture become a language, mapping,

to figure out what are those abstract image could be?

Dan recommend Amy Sillman, one of most celebrity painter in our time, look at the show feeling some are good, some are not, wondering why some are not work? some are just like building, laziness presumption?

art school encourge to play, strategy get away from bad habbit?

Dan is intrugue about why this is OK?

Some think it’s different way to look at thing, instead of drawing something you see, you kinda feeling it, touch it, really unexpective, good thing to experiment, you don’t get what you think you will get, which is exciting.

Mention Marten(not sure if he mentioned Helen Marten, because he said “he")


A girl said she like look at some people’s notebook, open something, generate something about

Dan recommend exhibition in South London Gallery (could be this one https://www.southlondongallery.org/exhibitions/bloomberg-new-contemporaries-2018/)it’s openess, playfulnes, but at the sametime, walking around and can’t get something out of that, How do avoid this?

how to avoid indecisiveness, laziness, put a little bit that and it may means something?

it does not need to be chaos

Well, I can’t catch whole conversation, this is my maximun energy to understand it already :p but basically I think they are discussing the confusion I have long time wondering as well.